Take Real Estate Photos With iPhone- 6 Easy Tips for Beginners

When entering the real estate photography industry, the first and foremost thing you should prepare is a good camera. However, have you ever thought that it is possible to take real estate photos with iPhone? 

If you are a newbie and just have a limited budget, an iPhone is a perfect option for rush cases. This concise article will suggest some top tips for captivating magazine-quality real estate images with a portable iPhone. 

6 Easy Tips To Take Real Estate Photos With iPhone

IPhone real estate photography gets 52.500.000 results per search on Google. The versatility of the phone in hand helps you to quickly snap photos while it is a very friendly budget for the low-end market. 

So, how to take real estate photos with an iPhone to make them compare with the DSRL camera? Keep reading for more interesting tips.

Tip #1: Consider External Lenses

The external lens attached to the outside of the iPhone adds depth of field to photos. You can include more parts such as floors, and ceilings. Particularly, an external lens can work well for long or large rooms without distorting the image.

The 18 mm lens is the starting point to give prospective customers a good visualization and the connection between rooms or the room layout. 

Tip #2: Shooting Time

Like real estate photography camera settings, shooting time is another decisive factor in determining the quality inputs. Yet what time is recommended for a captivative real estate photo? According to our REP community, the middle-bright day is the most suitable time for consistency in tonal range and light. Especially, it is not the time, where strong lights can cause harsh shadows, an irritating issue with any real estate photographers.  

Tip #3: Composition 

One of the most common mistakes made by newbie is they are not sure where the camera or iPhone should be placed. Corner and landscape mode are the most popular compositions for both DSLR cameras and iPhones. Nevertheless, many other creative angles you can divide into for an alluring image production.

Add Foreground Interest for Increased Depth

This simple yet crucial principle in real estate photography composition for an interior shot is to include interesting furniture near your camera, which leads viewers to the background. This composition intends to create a good flow in the room. In particular, it evokes the sense of viewers that they are the true owners of this gorgeous space.

Photograph Two Walls Whenever Possible

Despite being a small tip, it has a significant impact on the partial room you are going to capture. While photographing a one-wall photo makes it look small and cramped even flat, positioning the line separating the two walls turns the room into more inviting space. 

Trying to capture a three-wall composition could add depth of field however it could make the viewers feel that the room is narrow.

Focus on the Best Feature

Setting the focal point along with a rule of thirds grid lines, or the rule of thirds intersection is perfect to draw the viewers’ attention. Particularly, this combination creates well-composed images. 

For example, this image below demonstrates perfectly an airy space with gorgeous shine from the skylight. Who doesn’t want to enjoy taking a bath in this room? 

Tip #4: Using Tripod With Wireless Remote

Investing in an expensive tripod is unnecessary as the normal ones are sturdy enough for tack-sharp images. However, it is certainly the most important real estate gear you should have.

The versatility of utilizing a tripod is to avoid blurry or perfect work with low-light conditions. It is particularly handy in case of long working hours without the worry of arm hurt. 

Tip #5: Shoot Horizontally

Next, horizontal shooting is common with both exterior and interior real estate photography. This shooting method captures many details into one frame. As a result, prospective customers can feel how their life goes on in it. Once you reach the level of leveraging emotional connection with viewers, your photography steps to professionalism. 

Tip #6: Using Apps To Editing

Last but not least, using real estate photo editing apps increases convenience once they are paired with iPhone real estate photography. Manipulating images on apps by horizontal and vertical straightening, adjusting white balance, highlighting, and shadows, you could get a tack-sharp image at a fast pace.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our guide on how to take real estate photos with iPhone will help you feel that real estate photography is very lucrative. Inevitably, power tips as aforementioned along with creativity and a good understanding of real estate photography never make how to take real estate photos challenging.

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