REP: 4 Common Mistakes of Shooting Real Estate Photos?

The Common Mistakes of Shooting Real Estate Photos are typically committed by every photographer from beginners to experts. Once they stop being cautious, mistakes happen on and on.

So, today's post will list 4 common mistakes of shooting real estate photos with some tips to avoid them.

1. No Research In Advance

One mistake that can significantly impact the quality of real estate photos is neglecting the importance of proper preparation. Each property has its attractive features. For this reason, every project will need different trial and error to discover the best way to capture this attraction. Some people think that the experienced photographers will easily find the best angles to appeal to potential customers, but striking new ones does not do any harm. The best shot will probably come from this. Thus, before going to the shooting landscape, photographers should spare some time to prepare first.

Most of the time, the sellers know correctly what the selling point of their properties is. So, a small tip to avoid these common mistakes of shooting real estate photos is to ask their instructions in advance. By doing so, photographers can save more time and effort.

2. Amateurish Furniture Placement

When talking about common mistakes of shooting real estate photos, virtual staging should also be listed. A cluttered or messy space can distract potential buyers and overshadow the property's best features. So, how to deal with this issue?

2.1. Clean And Arrange The Furniture Before Shooting

Firstly, it is essential to declutter and organize the space before taking photographs. Paying attention to details, such as arranging pillows, straightening artwork, and removing personal items, will significantly help create an inviting and appealing environment. 

Additionally, arranging furniture can also enhance its aesthetics by strategically placing decorative elements, such as vases of fresh flowers or tasteful centerpieces, to give the space an affluence or lived-in look. 

2.2. Use A Editing Service To Remove Common Mistakes of Shooting Real Estate Photos

In fact, if the photographer is not well-stage in preparation, they can also fix it by putting them into software for real estate photography editing in the post-production process. For example, when the trash appears rashly in real estate photos, which is very unsightly, it can be removed afterward by using photo editing. However, keep in mind that it will incur additional time or charges.

3. Poor Variety Of Shots

The lack of diverse views of properties is underestimated common mistakes of shooting real estate photos. Before visiting a real estate site, buyers tend to research online first. Having a large number of the properties’ photos will attract them more, making them want to stick around more. On the other hand, too few photos will hinder the buyers from visualizing how they will use this estate, leading to a decrease in sales.

To avoid this problem, after researching the shooting spots, photographers should make a shooting list. By listing out the spaces to shoot, photographers will know if there are enough photos or not. 

Some of the most used shots for normal houses are:

  • Front house (from 2 angles and 1 Aerial shot - if possible)
  • Back Exterior (at least 1 from far view and some highlight the unique features such as patio, playground, pool, etc.
  • Family room: if it is an open space. Photographers usually show how they are connected.
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Master Room (Bed view and Bathroom)
  • Guest Room (Bed view and Bathroom)

4. Unsuitable Lighting 

Last but not least, another mistake of shooting real estate photography is the improper use of lighting. There is no doubt that real estate photography lighting plays a vital role in emphasizing the features of a property and creating an inviting atmosphere. Many photographers rely solely on natural light, failing to consider the time of day and the positioning of windows. Consequently, their photos turn out dull or overexposed.

To overcome this challenge, photographers should experiment with different lighting techniques, such as utilizing artificial light sources and reflectors, to create a balanced and well-lit composition. Additionally, they can also schedule a good time of the day to receive the best shots.

In conclusion

Common Mistakes of Shooting Real Estate Photos happen all the time. But, practice makes perfect. By taking the time to perfect these aforementioned skills, photographers will undoubtedly yield positive results and set them apart in the competitive real estate photography market.

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